Use These Cheap Travel Options to Go Anywhere

Many people complain about the costs of travel. It’s often cited as the reason that people choose not to travel. If you are using this excuse, it’s time to change how you view travel. There are many creative solutions to travel that allow you to not spend a lot of money.

Hotel Alternatives

Hotels and hostels can quickly add to your travel expenses. One of the best alternatives to hotels can be found at sites like These kinds of sites link you up directly with hosts who are willing to give you a place to stay. These places are usually free, and they give you the chance to interact directly with locals.

The sites that do come with charges are much lower rates, and you usually get an entire house. The catch is there is no one to clean up after you. You are responsible for your mess and should try to leave the place better than you found it. Most hosts are just looking to meet new people and hear stories, so make sure you are friendly.

If you’re concerned about the safety, make sure that you only choose places with a lot of positive reviews. And it doesn’t hurt to travel with a companion.

Cheap Transportation

Walk, bike, or hitchhike to get where you want to go. These are all free options, and they’ll all get you out of your town. This isn’t the quickest or easiest way to travel, but these are all things available to most people. This kind of travel is all about the journey, and you’re sure to have a lot of stories.

Jobs While Traveling

Another way to travel cheaply is to work while you travel. Find a job that you can do from home or, in other words, anywhere with internet connection. These jobs will often pay a smaller amount, but it will allow you enough money to survive while you get out of town.

Travel blogging is a great way to make money while traveling. But it can be hard to make money at first. Successful travel blogs have been around long enough to give the person credibility. Take the time to start now, and put the time in to build your audience. Join an advertising partnership, and open yourself up to promoting travel products through your blog. With enough time and work, you can fund all your trips and write about it the whole time.

These options might seem difficult, but it will make your trips more meaningful as you find creative solutions. You will see people and places you wouldn’t see otherwise and collect stories you’ll cherish forever.

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