The discovery of Tasmania – The Island of the secrets

Regarded as an island of the green valleys, tranquil towns, villages and far- distance beaches, Tasmania becomes the ideal destination for visitors all over the world. The climate is very cool in the winter and has light airs in the summer. Located 240 kilometers to the South of the Australia mainland, Tasmania is also known for not only wonderful landscapes but also various species of animals. Let take a day to go on a sightseeing tour in this tourist attraction.

Tassie Green Island

Tassie Green Island is the heaven of tourists, who are fond of wild animals, colorful plants, and the observance of birds. In Tassie, there are many national parks and preserve zones, about 1/5 of the area of Cultural and Natural World Heritages.

Snow in the Wellington top

The weather in Australia is different from it is in other countries. This is the time of autumn in many countries; it is in spring in Australia. Coming to Wellington, visitors can feel the change of the temperature and see heavy snow. The trees are covered with snow and fog.

Tasmania Ghosts

The animal is chosen as the symbol of Tasmania State. It has a size like a small dog. It eats many kinds of mammals that it hunts and kills. This animal is famous for its speed and fierce. It is able to climb and swim well.

Food festival in Tasmania

In the summer, thousands of tourists come Hobart for 8 days to enjoy the cuisines and have a rest. About 70 food stalls is gathered at the harbor and Derwent River, together with art exhibition and performances. In the party, the main dishes come from agricultural products. Besides, visitors can taste fresh seafood in Tasmania such as oysters, tuna, and crabs. You can try cheese in Bruny Island and fruits in Bicheno. The festival is the combination of international cuisines in the world such as India and Spain.

Port Arthur, Tasmania

Port Arthur is a small town and an old prison in Tasmania. It was built in 1853 and recognized by UNESCO World Heritage in 2010. This destination attracts thousands of visitors every year.

In short, with the special geography and climate, you will live in a completely different world in Tasmania. You will find out the secrets around the separated island of Australia. Let come there and broaden your mind about a new land and the strange culture of the island.

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